List of Hospitals

Benefit from SK&A’s List of Hospitals in Your Next Campaign

List of Hospitals – Telephone-Verified Every 6 Months, 130,000 Business Emails, 100% Deliverable, BPA Audited Yearly, 216,000 Hospital Decision Maker Names, 6,700 Hospital Sites

For a Quick Quote, please contact us at or fill out the form to the right “It gave the client a lot of confidence to know that SK&A is constantly cultivating and updating its [hospital] email addresses.” - Melissa Szabo, COO, Marketing Symphony, LP

What You Get with the List of Hospitals:

- Hospital name
- Hospital address and phone number
- Hospital fax numbers by department
- Medical clinics owned by the hospital
- Number of beds
- Parent company (health system)
- Names for up to 100 titles
- Hospital decision makers’ business email addresses
- Website address and much more

Offers excellent results for: Introducing surgical equipment or medical supplies, recruiting job professionals, promoting CME and training programs, surveying department managers, offering catalogs and publications, promoting EMR/EHR software and technology, and more.

Choose a List of Hospitals that is Continuously Updated

Because hospitals can have high rates of turnover, it’s important that all hospital lists are updated continuously. SK&A’s team of 105 Research Associates makes 10,000 calls per day to make sure the list of hospitals is current and error-free. Each contact file is updated twice per year. Marketers who need to get in touch with various healthcare industries turn to SK&A for access to the right audiences.